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The Shopping Cart

shoppingcart.gifI get a lot of requests for equipment recommendations: "What did you use at Mabry for..." And the fact of the matter is, we were finding our way through the digital tools just like everyone else. Camera models changed from year to year. We would go to replace an "old fangled thing" only to learn that a "new fangled thing" had replaced it. Technology!

But I suspect that there are some "fangled things" I could share, even if only general ideas. And sometimes I come across a product that looks really interesting, even if I have no experience with it. And I frequently hear other educators make recommendations for this, that, or the other. So having a forum, like this blog, to share that would probably be a good thing.

Also, add your 2¢ here as well. If you had a good or bad experience with a particular product, share it in a comment. But please avoid "bashing"" products: just share the general facts of your experience with a that is mentioned or the company that produced it.

To visit The Shopping Cart, click on the link or the picture. Now, with this resource, perhaps I'll have fewer long emails to send. :o)


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