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What attendees from past sessions with Dr. Tyson are saying:

• "I wld like Tim Tyson 2 talk 2 every single teacher that my child evr has in the future. NOT EVEN KIDDING. (this is me; as a parent)
— Teacher (tweet), NY

• "[Your presentation] touched on so many topics that affect me as a teacher and a parent. It is rare that I leave a workshop and think about it ALL day. ... You caused me to really examine the ways in which I am guiding my students and my own son. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"
—Teacher, NJ

• "At my best, I might be able take an audience where they are and show them a few new things they might not know about, but Dr. Tim Tyson has the ability to take them on a journey, a journey to a whole new place."
—Technology Coordinator, TX

• "Dr. Tyson, Today you changed my life! I will never teach the same way again."
—Teacher, FL

• "We're teachers. We know all about empowering others. But what you have done for us these past two days goes way beyond that. They need to invent a new word for what you do. It's just astounding! Thank You!"
—Teacher, GA

• "I so appreciated the type of administrative model Dr. Tyson presents!"
—Superintendent, IL

• "This was unbelievably awesome. Thanks so much for your incredible energy and vision."
—Principal, CA

• "Thank you! Thank you! Your passion is inspirational!"
—Teacher, MI

• "I want to replicate this model into a sustainable school structure."
—Information and Communication Technology, UK

• "Dr. Tyson demonstrates the power of passion."
—Tech Support, MI

• "I want you to come work for me today!
—Superintendent, GA

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